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I have had my Ionspa for almost 3 years and it is the best detox foot bath unit that I have ever experienced. Tremendous results. A 35 year old male came to me after being diagnosed with liver disea...
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Counterfeit ionSpas on the internet


This is of course not new news, but we feel we should take a moment to address this issue that may effect customers. Sadly, there are auction websites that are selling conterfeit ionSpas. Unfortunately, for customers, this is in name only. Actually, some of these website auction resellers are totally unaware of the conterfeit nature of the units they sell. Many are purchasing the product from gray market suppliers, mostly from Asia, who advertise as authentic brands.The customer is the one who ends up suffering, attempting to get parts and warranty service only to find out there are none available from overseas and that they indeed do not possess a product from us. This is happening to all the major US manufacturers of these footbaths. So, if you see a "really great price" attached to a major brand, you may be not getting a functional ionic footbath. Customers may want to question the origin of the units and reconsider doing business with that website auction seller.

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