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I have had my Ionspa for almost 3 years and it is the best detox foot bath unit that I have ever experienced. Tremendous results. A 35 year old male came to me after being diagnosed with liver disea...
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Natural Body Detoxification

“Detoxification” has become a popular buzz word in natural health circles recently.  Type in “body detox” in Google and you will find over 969,000 results!  The internet will provide a varying list of methods such as diets, juice fasting, water fasting, colon cleansing and herbal supplementation, all of which claim to be the best method of ridding the body of dangerous toxins.  Trying to sort through the plethora of information, opinions and marketing hype to find the truth about detoxification can be an overwhelming task.  The next few pages will take a brief look at the process the body uses to rid it of toxins, and how the ionSpa detox foot bath can be beneficial in this body clensing detoxification process.

The dictionary defines “detoxification” as “the metabolic process by which toxins are changed into less toxic or more readily excretable substances.”   That sounds simple enough.  The body gets rid of toxins that interfere with its well-being.  That is easily comprehensible and reasonable.  We take out the garbage in our homes, deposit it in a trash bin outside and garbage trucks remove it from our area so our houses don’t begin to fill up with disgusting refuse.  Our bodies work in much the same way.  Toxins are introduced into our bodies, and then the body uses a complex system of processing and removing these toxins.  The liver, kidneys and lungs change toxins into compounds that the body can safely handle.  Once these toxins are changed, they are removed from the body via urine, sweat, expelled air or feces.  That, in a nutshell, is how natural body detox takes place on an ongoing basis to maintain life.

The question you may now ask is: if the body detoxes itself to maintain health and life, why would one need to begin a program to do what the body is accomplishing naturally?  Good question.  The answer is relatively simple: we take in more toxins than our bodies can remove.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  The environments in which we live play an important role.  77,000 chemicals are produced in North America alone with a thousand new chemicals introduced each year.  Many of these chemicals are inhaled or ingested every day by consumers.  Another contributing factor is the food we eat.  Processed food contains thousands of chemicals that are added to emulsify and preserve.  They also lack essential nutrients and vitamins that are vital in the body’s ability to process toxins.  Even our drinking water is laced with chemical additives.

When all of these factors combine, the body is taking in more toxins than can be processed, and natural body detox cannot take place in a normal fashion.  Toxins accumulate and are stored until they can be processed.  It is estimated that the average person has between 400 to 800 chemicals stored in their body.  To say that the body’s natural avenues of removing toxins are overwhelmed would be a gross understatement!  These stored toxins can become a source of major health problems for the individual if they are left undisturbed.

As you can see, assisting the body by fortifying the organs responsible for toxin removal through a detoxification program such as the ionSpa detox foot bath is essential in returning one’s health to an optimum level.  When the body can eliminate toxins more effectively, health is restored and vigor is revitalized.

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