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I have had my Ionspa for almost 3 years and it is the best detox foot bath unit that I have ever experienced. Tremendous results. A 35 year old male came to me after being diagnosed with liver disea...
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Your New ionSpa


Four different models designed exactly for your needs

As the premier ionic foot bath on the market, the ionSpa has more features than any other foot bath available.  Take a look at what the ionSpa has to offer below.  We’re confident that you will agree with the thousands of other satisfied ionSpa users who benefit from the value of our features.


  • The only fully functioning foot bath of its kind on the market still MADE IN USA.  Many claim this or say "final assembly", be careful.
  • UP TO A 3 YEAR WARRANTY FREE! Don't forget our lifetime customer support.
  • We provide the most powerful software available in ionic foot baths.  Our smart "last session settings used" programming is simple for anyone.  But don't forget, our unit's ability to run over 600 different session settings, making us the most customizable unit you can buy.
  • One Touch Start!- the ionSpa remembers your favorite settings.  When you plug the unit back in, you have one touch and go!  You won't find this on any other unit.
  • Dual Polarity unit- the ionSpa has four different polarity settings.  With 70/30 and 50/50 abilities, all our polarity modes are all available to you, not just clinicians- these are real "useable" presets.
  • On the fly Polarity switching- With the ionSpa your ionic foot bath can switch polarity with one touch and continue to provide perfect  ionization with our intellidrive technology.
  • 4 great control unit designs to choose from- starting with our classic "Personal" unit, to our Best Selling "Portable" v6 unit thru to our new ergonomic and rugged "Portable" unit, up to our one of a kind, all-in-one "Professional"- you are sure to find the right fit for your needs.
  • Full 3 Language operation- The ionSpa remembers what language you use every time you start it up, and is easy to reset or change. (English,Spanish,French) - (Portable v7 and Professional Unit only)
  • Built in Session counter- Wondering if it is time to replace the array plates?  Not with the ionSpa, it counts your sessions!  This is resettable so when you change out you can zero the count. (Portable v7 and Professional Unit only)
  • Built in Minute Counter- This will count the total number of minutes  your ionSpa has run in its lifetime.  Just like an odometer on a car- you can't reset it.  Great for leasing out your unit, or monitoring usage by employees or others.
  • Multiple Power Levels- The ionSpa offers 8 different power levels!  Many of the expensive machines on the market only have one power level.  The ionSpa can handle a 300 pound linebacker and a 90 pound grandma easily.  Persons with special needs or conditions are now able to use a footbath!
  • Auto and Manual Modes- We are the only manufacturer with these two modes in one unit!  Auto for those that just want to monitor that the ionSpa is ionizing or Manual for those who want take more control of their sessions.
  • Full US made solid state manufacturing- Many of the units out there have moving parts that break down inside (look for a shorter warranty length of the model)- the ionSpa's only moving part is the on/off switch!
  • Our unit carries all the neccessary compliances and certifcations (read more...)We are one of the only spas that meets the more demanding 2006 FCC approval, Don't settle for a letter from a manufacturer's own people. Here is our cover letter and certificate of FCC compliance (view documentation)-our full, certification and radiative emissions test results are available, this is an extensive document, please call!
  1. And finally- The ionSpa Array-  Only open design on the market for cleaning ease and sanitation. Reduce the danger of cross contamination. Closed in array assemblies (balls, and Blocks) are very difficult to disinfect and clean, an open design is a MUST for multiple users and public session providers.
  • Most inexpensive array unit to use per session: as little as 40 cents!
  • Simple maintenance and easy to replace plates, no complicated reassembly. There is no waste which is better for the environment!
  • Engineering so well done, our array actually works very well on other footbaths! call us for more information.
  • Comes with the most effective broad spectrum disinfectant available without all the chemical mess. It fully rinses away with just water. This product was the definitive disinfectant used in the Katrina disaster.
  • Even comes with a custom cleaning brush right in the kit!

With the ionSpa you get - power, control, ease of use, versatility, and safety combined in a way you won't see with any other ionic foot bath.  All this coupled with our intellidrive technology, you get the most effective ionizing technology available on the market today!




Call us today to experience the ionspa advantage for your first time!


Call 888-836-0019 now!

New portable unit and upgraded software ships June 7th, 2010!

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