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I have had my Ionspa for almost 3 years and it is the best detox foot bath unit that I have ever experienced. Tremendous results. A 35 year old male came to me after being diagnosed with liver disea...
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The ionSpa Difference

As the premier ionic foot bath on the market, the ionSpa has more features than any other foot bath available.  Take a look at what the ionSpa has to offer below.  We’re confident that you will agree with the thousands of other satisfied ionSpa users who benefit from the value of our features

  • The only fully functioning foot bath of its kind on the market still MADE IN USA.  Many claim this or say "final assembly", be careful.
  • Full solid-state construction using only the best components available for long lasting safety, reliability, and consistency.
  • Should you have an issue, we offer real-time error messages! You know the solution as it scrolls across the display for you.
  • We provide "No additive sea salt"! Too many minerals make it harder to create the special conditions necessary for ionization. Lots of minerals make pretty colors, but can demand more power for breaking down of the H2O molecule clusters to release the sought after ions.
  • Ready for a session out of the box - just add water and feet.
  • UP TO A 3 YEAR WARRANTY FREE! Others often charge $300+ to extend past 2 years.
  • Fastest warranty repair/replacement service in the industry. Same day warranty work with return overnight shipping available! We have been providing this ongoing, the others are now just attempting to catch up! Call for details.

Our ARRAY assembly offers the best price with the best features:

Only open design on the market for cleaning ease and sanitation. Reduce the danger of cross contamination. Closed in array assemblies (balls, and Blocks) are very difficult to disinfect and clean, an open design is a MUST for multiple users and public sessions.

  • Comes with the most effective broad spectrum disinfectant available without all the chemical mess. It fully rinses away with just water. This product was the definitive disinfectant used in the Katrina disaster.
  • Most inexpensive array unit to use per session; as little 40 cents!
  • Simple maintenance and easy to replace plates, no complicated reassembly. There is no waste which is better for the environment!
  • Engineering so well done, our array actually works excellent on other footbaths!(call for info)
  • Even comes with a custom cleaning brush right in the kit!

With the ionSpa you get modern solid state protection, real time control, easy to understand controls and the most effective ionizing technology available on the market today!


Call us today to experience the ionspa advantage for your first time!

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