Intelli Drive system

Intelli-Drive Technology

Your ionSpa Portable and Professional units feature cutting edge Intelli-Drive technology, a 21st century ion drive that insures a superior session every time. The advent of negative hydrogen ionization in a foot bath brought about many great benefits for people around the world. The only problem was the machines were not easy to master. The varying conditions of water supplies, sea salts, and people’s differing conditions and tolerances made for a steep learning curve.
This brought us at the ionSpa™ to develop, for you, a foot spa with our Intelli-Drive™ technology- the only self adjusting, multi power level, spa in the world that creates a better session with no adjustment necessary! A technology so effective we are now patenting the process. All other footbaths have the user choose a single power level, but because water becomes harder to ionize during the session, these soon lose ionizing power. This is akin to them driving with their foot on the gas pedal at one pressure ALL THE TIME! Regardless of curves, hills or intersections to cross.
A proper level of ionization can be difficult to consistently produce without powerful technology. Differences in water (i.e. RO, spring, tap, and well water) may significantly affect the process. This is what others are “minimizing” or are not telling you. There is a small window of operation all footbaths must maintain in order to produce the ions at a proper speed. In other units, as a session continues, the resistance of the water to the ionization process can increase. Without exacting adjustments for this, their footbaths can begin to not actually ionize. This is like coming to a hill and not giving their car more gas to overtake the hill. Or maybe the water is too conductive and the power must be decreased. Intelli-Drive ionizes properly regardless of conditions. With your ionSpa technology you have cruise control; your speed (ionization) will stay constant no matter what the conditions. The ionSpa with Intelli-Drive technology maintains a constant level of ionization throughout the course of the bath. Because of it’s “on the fly” capability, you can handle most water conditions while producing more consistency. With Intelli-Drive the guessing game is over.
With straightforward multiple power settings and hands-off worry free operation you can quickly relax and enjoy all the benefits faster. No more complicated instructions or cryptic displays either! If you make a mistake, the solution will scroll across the digital display immediately eliminating your need to fumble through the manual (that we all seem to lose!) looking for answers! Don’t waste your time and money on single power level units.Step up to Intelli-Drive ion power!

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