Deox Foot Bath Comparison Chart


At the ionSpa, we are dedicated to helping you make the decision of the purchase of a detox foot bath that is right for you. Making the wrong decision could negatively impact your health, your safety and your wallet in the long run. We provide the Comparison Chart to highlight the differences in several of the detox footbath models you are seeing advertised on the internet. Take a moment and note the cost per session, many customers get a very unhappy surprise when they need to order expensive consumables that all the footbaths require.The categories listed are what we consider to be the most relevant in determining which model is best for you.
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As you can see the ionSpa offers the best features for a fair price. Remember the old adage about prices:
“if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”
This chart is for general information only. The research was done thru website claims and telephone calls to the Manufacturer or a Distributor.

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