Company History

Company History

The great American inventor Thomas Edison once said, “Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.” That sentiment proved to be true in the birth of the ionSpa. The ionSpa story is an American success story. It is the story of a man who turned a product failure into pioneering technology. It’s the story of how ingenuity, creativity and old-fashioned hard work can turn a small business operating in a garage into a global leader in the industry.

The ionSpa story begins over seven years ago. Larry Lewter was in pain. He suffered from chronic discomfort associated with a degenerative condition. 

Traditional health practitioners and methods were unable to ease his discomfort, and Larry became increasingly frustrated with their inability to treat his ailment. Eventually, Larry was introduced to an alternative health product that offered the possibility of relieving his persistent pain, an ionic foot bath.

After purchasing an expensive name-brand foot bath, Larry gathered the necessary items that were not included with his purchase: a tub, sea salt, disinfectant. After deciphering the instructions that were difficult to read and understand, he was finally able to begin doing sessions. While doing his footbath sessions, he discovered the relief that had eluded him in traditional remedies. The foot bath did not merely mask the pain, but gave him a deeper feeling of release from the root cause of his discomfort. Unfortunately, the oasis of comfort that he found in the foot bath came to a halt when it abruptly broke down.
Unable to obtain satisfactory warranty service from the manufacturer, Larry decided to utilize his mechanical and manufacturing background to examine how this unit was constructed. When he disassembled the unit, he was stunned at the archaic and unreliable technology of the unit, particularly for the price he paid. Larry realized there was a need for more advanced technology, higher quality, better service and improved warranties for these foot baths at a more reasonable price. He decided to take the useless unit he now owned and put what he learned from it to use in manufacturing a superior product that would become the benchmark of the industry.
Larry worked with the best engineers available to develop the first solid-state, U.S. made ionic foot bath kit that included everything needed to begin sessions right out of the box. Beginning his new business in the garage of his home, Larry began producing and selling his newly developed, full-function footbaths at half the price and triple the warranty of comparable units. Consumer response to the ionSpa was overwhelming. Soon the company would outgrow Larry’s garage and fill a 9,000 square feet office and assembly facility.
Today, ionSpa Products, LLC is a corporation based in McAllen, Texas staffed with skilled professionals in sales, marketing, customer service, technical support, accounting and logistics. With a worldwide distribution network, the ionSpa continues to grow as the leader in ionic foot bath technology and manufacturing.

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