Product Specs


Many companies attempt to cause unwarranted concern about product safety, here are our product’s specifications, and links to the exacting requirements and rules.
Country of Manufacturing and assembly: United States of America
Type of manufacture: Fully solid state with a full microproccessor chip controller learn more
Input voltages allowed: 90V AC to 240V AC – 47 to 63 hz
Output Voltages allowed: 13.7V DC to 24V DC
Product component certifications and compliances:
-FCC certified Class 15 part B learn more
-CE compliance read more
-RoHS compliance-full lead free manufacturing! learn more
-UL listed 120 volt AC line safety
-UL listed 94HB enclosure(fire resistance) learn more
Output voltage protections:
-GFCI- full ground fault protections from 120V AC line voltage
-Power Supply- auto resetting low leakage current with high load cutoff- -1 millisecond response time
-Console- Voltage cutoff to increased current in bath- 1 millisecond response time

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