RelyOn Disinfectant Powder – 50 gram Jar


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New lower price! This is required if you do sessions for the public. This product is a four way disinfectant. It is fully water soluble to rinse away and not affect the sessions. Cross contamination of clients can become a serious issue. 50 grams of RelyOn disinfectant in powder form. Just mix half a teaspoon with 8 oz. of water and use to spray array between sessions and for occasional soaking. This is an EPA Registered multi-purpose disinfectant cleaner. For external use only.

See our new ARRAY BRIGHT corrosion and scale remover for cleaning up the appearance of your array.

*Please note that jar photo has been enlarged to show label detail. Actual jar will be sized to appropriately accommodate 50 grams of RelyOn powder.

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